Hi all

Am new to this site and fairly new to working with these modems/gateways, but am learning. So if possible lets not to technical.

I have a problem I have been trying to solve with no luck. Hope you can help.

I have a PC at work that has dsl for internet connection. I have set it up in this order. The DSL (Actiontec GT701r) is first in line, then a D-Link DI-524 (I installed this for wireless access), then the PC. My internet works great.

Prior to installing the D-Link I was able to use the program PCAnywhere with absolutely no problems, using both host and remote. Since installing the D-Link I can remote out to another PC from this particular PC, but can no longer remote into this particular PC.

I feel like it has to be a pointing issue. At the Actiontec I have port forwarded 5631/5632 TCP to my D-Link IP 10.x.x.x, at the D-Link I have port forwarded 5631/5632 TCP/UDP to the PC 10.x.x.xxx. Am I correct in the proper forwarding? I am wondering if I am actually pointing the Actiontec in the wrong direction.

I also am using the gotomy pc trial. It works flawlessly!!!!! However, for our purposes I cannot justify the cost.