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Thread: Frequent Dropping of Wireless Connection

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    Unhappy Frequent Dropping of Wireless Connection

    I am at my wit's end! I have a Gateway laptop with a Microsoft PCI Wireless adapter, connecting to the internet through a Netgear router. I've had the router and card about a year, and they have worked perfectly until recently. I just got a new motherboard for my laptop. I lost my wireless settings and had to set it up again.

    Here's what happens: When I first boot up, the network/internet seem to work fine, most of the time. After some random interval, maybe a few minutes, maybe an hour, the internet connection appears to get dropped. The network will still show as being connected, but no webpages will load and I cannot access network shared files. Sometimes if I wait several minutes, the webpage will eventually load, but most of the time nothing works. If I reboot the system, I SOMETIMES get the network working again.

    I have also noticed that pinging is very unreliable. Sometimes 100% loss, sometimes 50%, and sometimes 100% replies. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to this behavior.

    Here's my settings/details:

    Netgear MV814v2 Router
    Microsoft M-720 PCI Wireless adapter
    Efficient Networks DSL Modem (SBC Yahoo service)
    Windows XP SP2 on Desktop & Laptop
    Client IP Address:
    Default gateway:

    Alt DNS:

    WEP On / SSID Broadcast On
    Enable Authentication Off
    Channel 11
    Windows Firewalls Off

    Maybe something is wrong with my settings...or maybe my card has gone bad?? What is their lifespan?? Mine's a year old, but I do use it everyday for several hours...I also thought maybe the PCI slot for the new motherboard was bad, but I can't see how it could be if it works sometimes.

    I have tried everything: changing DNS settings, WEP on/off, SSID broadcast on/off, changed router time-out to 0, unchecked/checked "Enable authentication...", etc...! Does anybody know what's going on??? My wireless network was so stable and FAST before! HELP!!!

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    Is the desktop PC hard wired into the router? Does it also experience any slowdown when the laptop does? (trying to see if the router is to blame here or not)

    The laptop..when they replaced the motherboard, did it get a fresh new install of the OS? Not that ones's just some network profiles can get wonky when that happens.

    Perhaps try removing any network connections you have now, then uninstall both NICs in device manager, reboot...let PnP load the NICs again (warning..have the latest drivers for each downloaded onto your hard drive BEFORE doing this). Then rebuild your network connections.

    Any other wireless networks showing up in your area? Make sure you have a non-default SSID, and try changing channels on your router.
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