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Thread: Laptop cannot ping desktop over wireless network

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    Laptop cannot ping desktop over wireless network

    Hi guys.

    This is my first post so please forgive any faux pas that I make.

    I am having a problem with my home wireless network. My desktop computer can see and ping my laptop. I can even transfer files to the laptop from the desktop. However, my laptop cannot ping my desktop computer or see it on the network. I can ping the router (a Netgear WPN824) just fine from the laptop, the laptop can ping itself, and the laptop can connect to the internet no problem. It just can't ping the desktop!

    I have disabled Windows firewall on both computers to no avail. I have also turned off and uninstalled Norton firewall on both computers and that didn't help either. Both computers are running Windows XP with SP2.

    This has been driving me nuts for a couple of days now - any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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