Hey, everyone at Speed Guide I need a little help!

The thing is:

I got an USB wireless mobile broadband 3G modem and I've been doing very well with it sicen long time ago.
I tried Speed Guide's TCPIP optimizer tool about like a moth ago, but due that I perceived bad internet response after "optimizing" my TCPIP settings, I decided to switch again to windows default settings after perceiving these anomalies.

Now, even when I've switched to default settings, I've been experiencing some random disconnects (disconnect from the game server) when I'm playing my video games online. Thing that didn't use to happen before using TCPOptimizer tool.

And today I've decided to give it a try again to TCPOptimizer to see if it could fix any bad settings I could had. But... I'm still having the same long response issue when using the "optimal" settings. Sometimes the internet responses fine and normal, fast. but sometimes it gets like blocked or something and doesn't response, It just keeps loading, and loading. I have to resfresh the page or stop the connestion to get it working again.

So finally I wanna know what could be causig the random disconnect from game servers and why is this long internet response issue happening?

I wanna emphasize that disconnects from game servers are happening after I used TCPOptimizer tool and that even if I'm using windows default settings they still happen.

heres my speed test with optimized setting but I get almost the same with windows default settings: