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Thread: USB dsl modem, ethernet, and ISC problem.

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    USB dsl modem, ethernet, and ISC problem.

    I have two network connections on my computer:
    - A USB DSL modem.
    - a Network card which connects to my router.

    I have a Win XP machine which is running the windows ISC (Internet sharing connection).

    I can connect to either one of these connections by itself and it works fine. However, when I enable them both the USB dsl modem disappears from the network.

    I have tried various setting of IPs, DCHP enabled vs manuually set, and Subnet masks but I am unable to solve the problem.

    Does anyone know of a solution??

    Thanks in advance,

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    I say get another modem, ics is just a pain with itself to troubleshoot.

    try this site as well
    Comptia a+ n+


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