Hi there,

I have verizon dsl ...

up until a few weeks ago, when I would do speed tests @ www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ , i'd get approx 2700kb down & 700kb up ...

however over the past few weeks, things changed... when I'd do speed tests, they fluctuated a lot & were inconsistent... sometimes they'd be low & other times half decent.

So I got to troubleshooting.. (like plugging one PC directly into the DSL modem), scanning for spyware / viruses etc... tried different routers, etc.

finally i got the issue resolved by going into the NIC (network card/adapter properties) & changing the link speed to 10mbps half duplex.

(To get into your network card properties, you right click on Local Area Connection & select properties. Then select configure beside the network card/adapter.)

However, of course 10mbps really SLOWS down the local network (transferring files etc)

What would've caused this to happen? I used to have everything set to "auto" on the link speed.

I called verizon, but they aren't very much help.

Is there any way to get around this? We use VOIP somewhat so that's why a solid connection is important.

Thanks for your input.