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Thread: Outsourcing = Comedy Gold!!

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    Outsourcing = Comedy Gold!!

    Poor Dave!!!! (member from my car club)

    Maybe it's just me...but if you have time read, and tell me what you think (and notice the amount of time between responses):

    Welcome to Dell Chat. Please wait for an available agent. You will be notified when your chat is accepted by an agent.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:43:52 PM} Complicated situation
    The visitor has ended the chat session.

    {David Pitlyuk 10:44:01 PM} Complicated situation
    {David Pitlyuk 10:45:04 PM} Here's the situation. I placed two SEPERATE orders with two DIFFERENT customer numbers.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:45:15 PM} Both orders are for the 2005FPW monitor
    {David Pitlyuk 10:45:30 PM} The first order I pay over $500, and the monitor is scheduled to arrive tomorrow
    {David Pitlyuk 10:45:50 PM} The second order I paid just over $400, and the monitor is not scheduled to arrive for another week or so
    {David Pitlyuk 10:46:42 PM} What I'd like to do is keep the monitor I recieve tomorrow, and the monitor that is supposed to come in a week not delivered, and I get refuninded the $500 order. So in the end I have one $400 monitor here tomorrow and not in a week. Can this be done?
    {David Pitlyuk 10:46:59 PM} I can provide all the customer and order numbers
    The session has been accepted.

    {Nara 10:47:53 PM} Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Customer Care Chat. My name is Shamshun, you may call me Nara . Please allow me a moment to review your question.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:48:03 PM} Sure
    {Nara 10:48:58 PM} I apologize , we are currently updating our online chat tools .We are facing technical errors with tools and I am unable to check the necessary information regarding this.
    {Nara 10:49:02 PM} For further assistance you may get in touch with us after some time.
    {Nara 10:49:12 PM} Your patience is highly appreciated in this regard.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:49:16 PM} After some time?
    {David Pitlyuk 10:49:22 PM} What does that mean?
    {David Pitlyuk 10:49:26 PM} Like in 10 minutes?
    {Nara 10:49:38 PM} Please get in touch with us after 1-2 hours.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:49:44 PM} I don't have 1-2 hours
    {David Pitlyuk 10:49:55 PM} I've e-mailed support about this about 6 times now
    {David Pitlyuk 10:50:10 PM} And every time it seems like in their resolution they are ignoring my request
    {David Pitlyuk 10:50:19 PM} And my last response was sent 2 days ago with no response
    {David Pitlyuk 10:50:28 PM} I would like a resolution to this matter right now
    {David Pitlyuk 10:50:49 PM} So what do you recommend I do?
    {Nara 10:51:01 PM} David , please get in touch with us via chat only just after one hour and we will be able to help you regarding this.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:51:08 PM} I won't be here in an hour
    {David Pitlyuk 10:51:13 PM} It's midnight and I work tomorrow
    {David Pitlyuk 10:51:27 PM} I am surely not staying up another hour
    {David Pitlyuk 10:52:16 PM} Do you have a phone # of a manager or something I could call right now to get this issue taken care of?
    {David Pitlyuk 10:52:41 PM} I need to know by tonight so I know whether or not to refuse the package from UPS
    {David Pitlyuk 10:53:52 PM} Helllo?
    {Nara 10:53:56 PM} Please be advised that you may contact Dell Customer Service at 800-624-9897 extn:7266966
    {David Pitlyuk 10:55:37 PM} The phone centers are currently closed it says
    {Nara 10:55:42 PM} I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:55:55 PM} And as I stated, I need to know now, that way I know whether or not to refuse UPS shipment
    {David Pitlyuk 10:56:15 PM} If somebody had responded to my e-mail I would know the answer by now
    {David Pitlyuk 10:56:21 PM} What can I do at this point?
    {David Pitlyuk 10:57:57 PM} What else are you doing besides responding to me if your systems are down? What is taking so long?
    {David Pitlyuk 10:58:06 PM} So far I have had the worst customer service experience with Dell
    {Nara 10:58:09 PM} David , please note that this is not an available option to charge you a different amount han what is listed in our database.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:58:20 PM} I have already been charged
    {David Pitlyuk 10:58:23 PM} Twice
    {Nara 10:58:31 PM} If the order is invoiced at $500 , your account is already charged $500.
    {David Pitlyuk 10:58:39 PM} Yes, I realize this
    {David Pitlyuk 10:58:52 PM} I am essentially returning one of the monitors
    {David Pitlyuk 10:59:09 PM} But it seems easier to return the order that has not shipped yet
    {David Pitlyuk 10:59:15 PM} As it is the identical monitor
    {David Pitlyuk 10:59:28 PM} And it is more convenient to me as I will have it tomorrow
    {David Pitlyuk 10:59:31 PM} Rather than a week
    {David Pitlyuk 10:59:36 PM} Does this make sense to you?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:01:31 PM} Hell
    {Nara 11:01:31 PM} David , you may choose to return the monitor once it reaches to you , however you need to ship it back on your own .
    {David Pitlyuk 11:01:32 PM} o
    {David Pitlyuk 11:01:50 PM} Are you reading my messages?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:01:58 PM} Are all of you people idiots over there?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:17 PM} And can you type faster?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:32 PM} You are still not answering my question
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:39 PM} I want to keep the monitor
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:43 PM} there are two orders
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:45 PM} one $500
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:49 PM} second $400
    {David Pitlyuk 11:02:54 PM} $500 order shipped arrive tomorrow
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:00 PM} $400 not ship yet for week
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:14 PM} Both orders are the same product
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:30 PM} Can I keep the monitor that comes tomorrow and can dell not ship out the 2nd one
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:37 PM} But refund the $500 price
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:45 PM} Is this hard to understand?
    {Nara 11:03:50 PM} David , I do understand that the delayed order is of $400 and the one you are going to receive is $500.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:57 PM} Ok
    {David Pitlyuk 11:03:59 PM} And...
    {Nara 11:04:15 PM} You may return the monitor and get he refund for $500.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:04:59 PM} So what you are telling me is that even though both orders are for the identical monitor, I must refuse shipment on the one tomorrow from the $500 order, and wait another week to get the same monitor
    {Nara 11:05:04 PM} However you need to ship it back on your own , once it is received back at dell your account will be refunded within 10-15 business days.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:05:21 PM} I was told by customer support in an e-mail that I could refuse shipment
    {David Pitlyuk 11:05:42 PM} If I have to ship it back on my own, then this is another reason that I would not like the 2nd one sent, since it has not been yet
    {David Pitlyuk 11:05:52 PM} It would save the me the money to ship one back and hassle to do that
    {Nara 11:06:09 PM} You may do so however accepting and returning it back will process the refund faster.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:06:35 PM} Answer this question please
    {David Pitlyuk 11:06:41 PM} CAN THE SECOND ORDER NOT BE SENT
    {David Pitlyuk 11:06:57 PM} and replace the monitor as the refund on the $500 order
    {David Pitlyuk 11:07:08 PM} This way I do not need to return a monitor a tall
    {Nara 11:07:08 PM} David , I apologize for the delay in receiving your order. Due to the many factors involved, Dell is not able to guarantee any delivery date.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:07:18 PM} What are you talking about?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:07:23 PM} The delivery date is tomorrow
    {Nara 11:08:17 PM} David I am referring to the delayed order for $400 .
    {David Pitlyuk 11:08:27 PM} Ok so what is your point then
    {David Pitlyuk 11:08:37 PM} I am asking that the delayed order for $400 not be shipped at all
    {David Pitlyuk 11:08:50 PM} Rather than returning the $500 order
    {David Pitlyuk 11:08:54 PM} Because it is the SAME product
    {David Pitlyuk 11:09:14 PM} Why send back the product to Dell, when the same one I paid for is already sitting there
    {David Pitlyuk 11:09:19 PM} Do you see what I am saying?
    {Nara 11:09:32 PM} David , the orders are shipped from several locations and these issues are handled by manufacturing department.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:09:40 PM} By me not having to send it back I get the monitor earlier, I do not need to pay ship it back, and it is more convenient
    {Nara 11:09:59 PM} I understand David.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:10:06 PM} So is this possible or not?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:10:09 PM} Simple question?
    {Nara 11:10:29 PM} However they are two separate orders and will be processed individually.
    {Nara 11:10:36 PM} No.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:10:47 PM} Ok so 20 minutes ago instead of wasting my time, you could have said that
    {David Pitlyuk 11:11:17 PM} I will therefore refuse shipment on the first package tomorrow, it will be returned to Dell and refunded, and then in a week or so I will get the 2nd order. Correct?
    {Nara 11:12:06 PM} David , once the order is received back at dell , it takes 10-15 business days to refund customers account.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:12:30 PM} Ok I didn't ask how long. I asked if this is the correct situation?
    {Nara 11:12:58 PM} David , they are two individual orders and they have nothing to do with each others refund or invoice date.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:13:26 PM} Again. I am not asking this.
    {Nara 11:13:38 PM} It may happen that your account is not refunded back and the later order is shipped to you.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:13:57 PM} I am asking you to confirm. I will refuse the shipment tomorrow. Within 10-15 days of recieving that order will be refunded, correct?
    {Nara 11:14:04 PM} Yes.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:14:27 PM} Ok, do I need to fill anything out that the order will be refused tomorrow, and that I would like a refund?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:16:18 PM}
    {Nara 11:16:48 PM} You just need to provide the case# XXXXXXXXX regarding this chat interaction.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:17:00 PM} Provide the case # to who?
    {David Pitlyuk 11:17:49 PM} It will be another hour before we end our conversation if it keeps taking you this long to type
    {Nara 11:18:13 PM} Any customer care rep will be able to help you with case#.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:18:54 PM} Ok so what you are saying is that after refusing the package tomorrow I should contact a customer care rep with that case # and let them know I am returning that order. Is this correct?
    {Nara 11:19:08 PM} Yes.
    {David Pitlyuk 11:19:12 PM} Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prey521
    Poor Dave!!!! (member from my car club)

    Wow!!! Dave sure types fast!
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    Oh man He seemed upset
    for a good reason.LOL
    - Reps for being a smartass.
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    Yeah, My name is Shamshun, but you can call me Nara! LMMFAO!
    Have your feelings been hurt by a random act of E-Thuggery? If so, call 1-800-Waaaaahmbulance, we're here 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to take your call, you could be due a large monetary settlement, don't delay, call now.

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    Here at dell customer service we are not able to help, but still we provide this to try and complete the service... i'm sorry our unhelpful database is down due to a fragile connection where it is locatedin Iraq, please wait for world peace and contact us again, we will be delighted to help you you soon, then.

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