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Thread: Help me get my DSL faster

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    Lightbulb Help me get my DSL faster

    Can anyone tell me how to uncap or just plain make my dsl run faster? I have a 1.5 mbps line from bellsouth, and u usually download at 100 kilobytes/sec. I know it can go faster than this (it has before), but how can i get it to reach higher speeds more often and consistently?

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    you can get registry tweaks which should help. go back to main home page and click on registry tweaks at top left and find your OS in there for tweaks. Oh and for the record...they can be a little **** about the uncapping word in here so you might want to say something else instead of uncapping even if that is what you mean

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    Welcome to Speed Guide whtmike...

    Try the appropriate Speed Guide registry patch.


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