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Thread: anyone have "Charter com" ??

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    Question anyone have "Charter com" ??

    I am moving soon,into a area that Charter communications services,has anyone had any good or bad experiences with their internet service ?

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    I livi in Illinois right across the river from St. Louis. I have cable modem service. I have not had any problems, everything runs pretty fast, I usually reach download speeds of 60-110Kbs. I have had for about a month now, and so far everything has been great. If you have any more questions, be sure to send me an email


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    I also have charter, but im in Madison WI. It rarely goes down, the email goes down once or twice every month it seems. I get about 300KBytes DL and about 30Kbytes upload and Ive gotten as low as a 20ms ping in CS

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    I live in Long Beach and had my ccable for two weeks, it sucks!!! Charter either doesn't know how to or is unwilling to get it corrected. I don't know about Reseda but the Long Beach Charter needs some serious help. I get maybe 17 - 18 kB/sec on downloads although my pings and traceroutes come in good. Tweaks and mods don't help. Switching to a Charter supplied Linksys nic didn't work with Windows ME. Couldn't get the dynamic IP to reset. I'm giving up and wished I never disconnected my DirecPC satellite system.

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    I have Charter in Birmingham AL. It sucks. My pings in Quake III Arena are off the charts. Can't play online anymore. I emailed tech support, and they pointed the blame at UUNET, and offered no solutions.


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