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Thread: Access Denied (how to gain access to another machine QUICKLY!!)

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    Access Denied (how to gain access to another machine QUICKLY!!)

    And yet quite possibly another no brainer for you all, I work on a large number of machines for family and friends, mostly 2000 or XP Home and Pro and to be quite honest with you I am not sure what the best way to connect to these machines would be, what I mean is I am soooooo tired of setting up a machine in my shop, running up stairs to my primary machine to either get in remotly or tap into the c:\ drive of the other machine only to realize that I do not have permition, or I do not remember the computer name, or I do not have the password, or I can not log on as the "guest". Do you know what I mean? I get so frustrated when I get the "Access Denied" message. it seems to me I spend more time trying to get into these machines than I do reparing them. So I guess my question would be, once I have the machine setup what is the FASTEST way for me to gain access to that machine from another machine? Lets just focus on XP and 2000, Do I really have to setup a user first to gain access? or is there a quicker way. Thanks.

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    On NT, yes, to gain access remotely to the C$ or any share, unless simple file sharing is need to know a local account.

    First though, as "connect to it remotely" can be MANY different ways...what are you trying to do? Access local shares? Or just remote desktop?
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    I will need to do both, I like to do all the work remotely. I am talking about full access. Obviously on a domain it is rather simple, but for machines that are not it can be a down right pain in the ass (at least for me) to connect to joe blows computer that he has brought to you to fix. As far as remote tools, again I have no problem on a domain but NetMeeting and DameWare will not work as I get an access denied message, VNC will work but I first have to touch that machine to install the server part of it.

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