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Thread: Unlocking pipelines on x850 pro

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    Unlocking pipelines on x850 pro

    Question. I recently found out that there are an extra 4 pipielines on the x850 pro version that are able to be unlocked. Anyone here have a guide for it? Also, is it worth it, and would you recommend it?

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    Personally i would probobly end up leaving it as is for now. If it is playing all your games to their fullest then there is no point in modding it to push a few more FPS when you are already hitting 60.....

    Just my opinion. One thing that is kewl is to know that its availible if you need it for some newer games down the line. Kinda why i was wondering about it myself! From what i read tho that card will handle it as is...

    Might just have to pick one up sometime!
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