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Thread: Windows server 2003 dns

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    Exclamation Windows server 2003 dns

    Hellow every body

    I just installed a WIndows server 2003 web edition OS, i read lots of articles about DNS on this OS but all are to complicated (ex : do that go there , if you didnt do tthat move there and delete that ) but can any one tell the exact steps of how to make a good DNS server configure it and register domains and explain what is an active directory

    PS : i didnt work until now on this OS only in Xp


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    Welcome to Speedguide!

    Yes...DNS is very important to networks when you have a Win2000 or higher server running your network. It's crucial to have TCP, DNS for the server itself, and for your workstations, setup properly.

    Here's a guide I through this a few times.....and questions, ask away. Note that a few hours from now, I'll not be online too much for the rest of the weekend until unfortunately if you're in a rush to get this going this weekend, I'm not going to around much. However the guide I link should set you up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat
    Looks . I'll have to read through it some day.

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