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Thread: How to install dsl... please help.

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    Question How to install dsl... please help.

    I'm trying to help my neighbors setup their dsl. They have a Pac Bell dsl account with a dynamic ip. I told them they could use my Alcatel 1000 ADSL modem that I got last year from Pac Bell because I'm not using it. So they said someone came out from Pac Bell and told them that "dsl is now turned on" in their house. He didn't do anything inside the house, and I remember last year when I got dsl someone came in and messed with the wiring in the phone jack to make the dsl work. Can something like this be done from outside the house? Anyway, supposedly the house is able to get dsl now, so they got a self install kit from radio shack with a bunch of "Z-filters" and splitters and a single rounded phone cord that is supposed to be used for the dsl modem. I think these are to be put on the non-dsl phone equipment to filter out the dsl signal, but I really don't know much about it. So I've been trying to get the dsl modem to get a dsl signal, but it's not working. I plug the modem directly into the wall and it won't get a signal. Does it also have to be plugged into a computer for the indicator lights to indicate a dsl signal. I don't think so, because even when my cable modem isn't hooked into a computer it still has a ready light for the internet side. The modem is a little older (a little over a year), so will it work? I had a static ip address when I was using it last year. Also, for the computer hooked up to the modem, I really don't have to set anything up, right? Just have it obtain the ip address automatically, with no gateway or dns info specified.

    Please tell me how the modem is supposed to be hooked up.

    Thanks for any help,

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    There are two ways that Pac Bell handles DSL -- they either install a spliter at the NID and change the wiring on a jack inside (i.e., pro install), or the customer installs filters on every jack except the one w/the DSL modem (i.e., self-install, which your neighbors opted for).

    They need to have Pac Bell walk them through the filter/modem setup and system configuration for DSL.


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