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Thread: Optimizing Windows 2003 server. Strange!

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    Question Optimizing Windows 2003 server. Strange!

    I'm looking for advice how to optimize of configure Windows 2003 server so I get maximum download speeds from it. Tried everything, registry patches, optimizers, etc. But nothing seems to work. Let me make my case here:

    I run an ftp and http service on Windows 2003 server at work. On the server itself speeds are marvellous, around 50mbit downstream. But when I try to download from it from my home connection (20mbit adsl2) I reach around 5.5mbit. When I open 2 connections, I get another 5.5mbit and so on. So combined speed is good, but I want to get max speed in one connection.

    So to find out where the problem was I installed a linux server with an ftp service and put it in the same subnet as the windows 2003 server. From this linux server I'm able to reach max (17mbit) speeds in one connection, so I can conclude my home machine is configured correctly.

    Ofcourse now I thought the problem had to be on the Windows 2003 machine, you will agree with me I think. Strange thing is though, when I download a file from the Windows 2003 machine to the linux machine I do get max speed in one connection!

    Can anyone explain this to me or even better, explain how to solve this strange behaviour?

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    bumping it up, surely there must be a guru hanging out in this forum with some knowledge about this.

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    Any suggestion about partition manager?

    I have windows 2003, I am trying to buy a partition software

    However, I found two on google, EASEUS and Paragon.

    I don't know which is good, can someone tell me?

    the software must support windows 2003 server x64,

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