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Thread: 8 Chip and 16 Chip SDRAM PC133?

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    8 Chip and 16 Chip SDRAM PC133?

    What is the difference between 8 chip and 16 chip sdram pc133 ram? Can you have 8 chip and 16 chip in a system combined?


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    The difference is the size of the individual RAM modules. Newer ones are higher density modules, and some "older" motherboards with "older" BIOS will not work with them. Say for example you have a 128 meg could have....8x 16meg modules, or 16x 8meg modules.

    Older motherboards with older BIOS might only be capable with working with 2, 4, or 8 meg they're only work with the 16 module stick. If you stuck in the 8x module might only recognize 1/2 of the memory...64 megs...or might not even recognize the stick at all.

    Performance wise, eh, not really a difference, I support one could argue technically the less modules the faster, dunno, it's really just a compability thing with BIOS.
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