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Thread: best 64 bit mobo...

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    best 64 bit mobo...

    Hey guys...been outta the loop for a while so im a bit new to these 64 bit computers. Im thinking about upgrading and wanted to know what to look for. What would be the best 64 Bit mobo right now? Do all these mobo's use pc3200 ddr? or are they onto better and faster things? Kinda wondering if i can use what i have now or have to redo all of it!

    What should i look for in the CPUs as well? I take it the 1meg cache is a must?
    Abit NF7-S 2.0, Barton 2500+ @ 2.2 Ghz, 2 Gig ddr3200, 80gig Seagate HDD, ATI x850 PRO @ 550/600, WinXP Pro

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    I've been a DFI pimp lately ... I have no issues with it at all

    Sava has one ..YoS is getting one ..

    I hear it overclocks like a dream....

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    DFI and ASUS nforce4 boards seem to be the hot spot on the [H] forums, DFI for ocing and options ASUS premium for max stabilit,but some people have had trouble with both.

    Burke is selling a DFI nforce4 DR for 160, good price as the board is becoming a hard to find item right now stock wise.

    You can use 3200 ram, but no crappy ram if u get a DFI, gotta have quality stuff. But if you go DFI u should get some good pc4000 or so ram to take advantage of the OCing potential.

    For the CPU the Toledo 2x1meg L2 cache is the best buy to me, same clock speed as the Manchester core, but more performance.

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