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Thread: Dual monitor question

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    Dual monitor question

    Okay. Sorry for the remotely vague thread title, not sure what to call it. I'm running on a Radeon x800xt, and am using two monitors. I've got the second set to extended desktop. What I want to do is put Winamp, Trillian, etc over there, so I can run a game on monitor one while being able to switch over to those windows to change songs and chat with people and what not. When I mouse over to the second monitor, the game stays on top, but once I click on a window on the second monitor, the game minimizes. What I want to do is be able to select windows displayed on the second monitor while keeping the game on top of the main monitor. Is there any way to do this without running the game in a window?

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    I dont think you can do it that way because you still have 1 desktop. So you end up minimizing the game just like you would if you had one monitor. I dont have much experience with dual monitors though, maybe there is another style or layout for the monitors that will allow it.

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    if the game can be run in window mode you'll be all set, but otherwise.. if its full screen the game will register a mouse click outside the game area.
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