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Thread: Verizon Fiber-Optic?

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    Verizon Fiber-Optic?

    I just saw a commercial saying Verizon is starting the next-gen service with Fiber-Optic wiring for Phone Internet and Television. Any news on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyPanda
    I just saw a commercial saying Verizon is starting the next-gen service with Fiber-Optic wiring for Phone Internet and Television. Any news on this?
    FIOS isnt available everywhere yet. It really depends on where you are. Click the following link, enter your home number, and see if it is available to your home...

    Good luck! I had a chance to play with FIOS a couple of weeks ago and it is FAST!
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    It's available in certain areas where I live and since they upped their FIOS speeds so did Cox, my speeds now are 15000/2000 - thanks Verizon.

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    Yea.. the FIOS is AMAZING.. Verizon is actually putting forth the effort, to get this out to most places..

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    Also, have a look here panda:

    See what's happening in the world of everyone likes it, where it's being rolled out, ect.

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    I've had it since I moved into my new house in July. I have the 5MB/2MB package. I'm month to month and I've thought about signing the 1 year agreement to get the 15/2 for just $5 more a month ($44.95). The only reason I haven't is I've had no complaints about my speeds. We have 3 computers, 2 Vonage phone lines and an Xbox hooked up to Xbox Live. I don't think we've ever had them all going at once but we have had several going at once and not a sign of lag or slowdown on anything.

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    I had Verizon and they are the worst company in the world to deal with. They turned off my internet and made every excuse in the book, Even saying that i didnt pay my bill when i had on time. After makeing asses out of themselves they admitted there screw up and then i asked them when it would be fixed. They said that they would have to send someone out to the juction and turn it back on and that would take two weeks. I said well why dont you just leave it off and i canceled my phone account too. I called Brighthouse and had Road runner installed in a very short time and I have been happy ever since. My speeds are 14.4 mb down and 1.8mb up on peak times with thier 15mb service. I would never ever sign a contract with Verizon. Verizon tells thier employees that you cant get 5mb through cable. Well Roadrunner has been kicking thier asses for years and has a million more customers getting 15mb and is always makeing improvements to their existing network. Verizon isnt even done with Fios in Tampabay yet. They may get it done by 2012 lol.

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