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Thread: Dlink 108g airplus xtreme G router

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    Question Dlink 108g airplus xtreme G router

    Alright then lets see how confused i can get poeple 8)

    I am a WoW junkie. I play this game at least once a day even if it is for only 1 hour. Anyways this is a pretty decent router. Here is my prob. I upgraded from the lynksys to this. Of course since i dont use a dlink 108 card the max ill get is 54MB Mbps (debatlable of course being its wirless)
    During the gamplay online. I get what i like to call black holes. There are many times while playing seems as if the signal just gets stuck. In the game we call them lag spikes. I can tell the difference in the spikes when they are either the router or the server. As odd as it sounds there is a diffrenence.
    I usually always have a excellent signal so I was wondering if any has this router that have mastered it can give me some advice of reducing the number or spikes i get.
    I have the lastest drivers i also leave my router open. i run in a 3 MB/s i usually get around 25-30 KB/s d/l.
    Yeah i know i should have it on lockdown,but around here i dont need to worry to much about it. There a few more reasons why i leave it open but we wont go into that >8)
    Anyhoo. any advice on what i can do to either eliminate the lag spikes or at least reduce them?

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    Did the Linksys give you these same issues?
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    No the lnksys actually ranpretty good. It was a 11mbs router. So i upgraded to the dlink. I forgot what lnksys model it was. I ran pretty good for the most part besides the 11. With the router i have now i get around 52-54 give or take a few. I repostioned my routher to make sure i get full excellent signal at all times.
    Seemed to help but only a little. I updated the firmware same as before helped but now enough to really notice a difference

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