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Thread: My bandwidth is acting like a yo yo

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    My bandwidth is acting like a yo yo

    I am having a problem w/ my cable internet (comcast) going from acceptable speeds to not so acceptable speeds (2.5mbit-500kbit) I do live aways out compared to a bulk of the homes and workplaces (that would be given more bandwidth?) I was wondering if there is anything on my end that I can do, or should I contact Comcast (who doesn't have the best customer service around) who I might ask put in an amplifier (i think) which plugs into the wall, and has the original line run through it, which is then output to the house. My dad had this installed at my parents house due to static in TV reception, tho I'm hoping it would work on the bandwidth issue aswell out where I live.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, ev0L

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    Dont look for solutions like an amp before finding the problem. if its a power thign comcast can send someone out to the poll and raise ur power there.

    Make sure you have no viruses or spyware on the pc. also does it seem like your conenction changes in a pattern or in peak hours when everyone is home do u notice it gets lower?

    I would give them a call too. You may think their support is bad, but try SBCs, comcast is pretty good for support in their feild.

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    it goes up and down constantly, like the signal isn't steady. i have quite a few spyware/adware software (ewido, spywareblaster, spygaurd, adaware, Spybot..etc) and use AVG antivirus. I do get popups however, but there is nothing displayed on them(just a blank IE window), and seem to be site related.

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