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Thread: Cox Cable Modem Connection Problem

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    Cox Cable Modem Connection Problem

    Hi, I'm actually asking for a friend because he can't get his cable to work.

    Heres the problem:
    first off, the setup is as follows.
    Ambit cable modem connected directly to one pc (no internal network)
    At first, his internet worked when he just plugged the ethernet to the pc.
    However, when he got back his friend had plugged the cable into an apple, and when he tried to connect again it wouldnt connect.

    This is what happens when he plugs in the ethernet
    The connection icon shows that the network card is "connected" but ipconfig does not obtain an IP and well obviously internet explorer does not work.
    What is even more bizarre is that when he disconnects the ethernet, and restarts the computer, the network card still shows that its connected. And the laptop is a brand new one that he JUST got and the network config is exactly the same as you would expect on any normal comp (obtain auto for everything with DHCP).

    Can anyone tell what this problem is? Cox ppl seem to be a little **** and won't help to resolve the issue, all they say is to shut off the cable modem but that doesn't seem to help.

    The thing is though, the internet still works through the apple.

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    Have you gone under network connections/Local Area Network/ TCP/IP and checked to make sure it was still set to obtain IP address automatically? For both IP and DNS that is. Also maybe a dumb thing to say but is the cable connected from the Modem to the Laptop computer?
    Respect it.

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