Has anyone used TVersity? I was researching how to stream divx to my xbox360 and found a link for this free program. its pretty nice, you can stream movies and music with it. It will even convert on the fly, i can now watch divx on my 360 with this. its not perfect and is lacking some options, like right now im trying to find out how to stop the streaming from the internet. They have some URLS automatically setup and it shows up on my xbox, so i have to go through like 1000 different streams to find the one i actually want...

However i just changed the name of my file to 0000xxx.avi and it shows up first on the list....pain in the arse but it works. Still i would love to be able to just stream my local vidoes instead of hitting up the inet for more.

Hopefully they will fix that in a newer build.

I did a search and couldn't find any info on it here so i thought id give you guys a heads up.