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Thread: DSL problems SBC Yahoo DSL in So Cali

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    DSL problems SBC Yahoo DSL in So Cali

    Hello, I been having problems with my DSL for years. So I found this place after much searching and here I am to post my problem. Very simple I have XP home and geting very slow DL and UL and timeouts alot , I want to know how to tweak the speeds so it can work fast like I was told it can do years ago. I have enough ram memory and ok CPU speed and the DSL line is very short from my computer about 3 feet. It's a old Speedstream DSL modem some help plz


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    13,365 please read this crefully if you have any more questionx please answer the questions listed in thread so we can better help you.

    What is the model of the speedstream you have??
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