This place has been around for a while so some of you may already know about it.


Here's how it works.

You join and start puting CD's in your Queue. Once a month, You Music sends you a CD out of that Queue.

All CD's are 5.99. Shipping is free.

You can buy as many CDs all at once as you want for 5.99.

14,000 CD's to choose from. This is a good deal if your just starting out, collecting.

Just remember, if there is nothing in your Queue, your still going to get charged 5.99. So keep a few in there.

You can quit the service anytime you like.

So downhill, why did you post this here? We love our MP3s!!!

Yeah I know but with all the file sharing software going down the tubes .....I thought I'd at least do my part and give you another venue to at least save some money if your going to buy them. That's because that's the kind of guy I am.

Anyway, this site also has a few SACD's, a few HDCD's and so forth.

Happy collecting!!