hi i am a newbie in this forum.

I am using broadband internet connection in which my isp has provided me with ip addresses, one for my computer,one is default gateway and one for the dns which is same as that of default gateway.

This is not a dedicated service, means they provide us a scratch card and after scratching it we have to put pin number into our account, which they created for us when we register with them.After that our account activates.To connect to internet they provide us with unique username and a common password for all users.

Now one day when my connection deactivated(after using it for one month,the validity is for one month).I put someone else username in the form they provide, which automatically comes before connecting to internet.

I was totally surprised to see that i am able to connect to internet.Because that's person account is still activated.And now i didn't purchase the scratch card and start using internet by using his username.

Now my question is that: Can my ISP know about what i am doing. if yes than what is other method by which i can hide myself from my ISP