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    Arrow Just when the snow settles, God shakes our Globe again......or

    ........What happens when you freeze-dry a scrambled mind?

    At this point, itís hard to even think of where to begin. The following is the eclectic, often graphic, thoughts of just one person affected by Hurricane Katrina. Just imagine Ozzy Osbourne on crack. Itís hard at this point to finish one thought before another one come smashing into my feeble mind.

    Earlier this week, I was asked by a friend who lives out of state ďWhat is a Parish?Ē. I was born in New Orleans, which Iíll get into later, but Iíve never really given it a lot of thought. Iíll tell you what a Parish is to me though. Probably almost three hundred years ago now, French settlers where basically run out of area of Acadia, Canada. Iím guessing they traveled South until they hit the Gulf of Mexico, following along the ever twisting Mississippi River. They stopped here and took root. A group that now are called Cajun-French, many of which still only speak a unique language called Cajun-French. A group of people that made the city of New Orleans. They are deeply religious and hard workers. They do know how to party too, this year marks a 150 years of Mardi Gras, as many of you know a free party like no other. Now getting back to the Cajuns, Religion, Parishes and how it all ties in.

    We have the oldest Cathedral in the United States, the St.Louis Cathedral. Right in the heart of the French Quarter stands a huge church that is photographed by every tourist that comes through this city. Iím not religious in any way, but itís my understanding that each church serves a Parish and has a Parish Priest. I guess you would have to know a Cajun, but their minds arenít easily changed and they donít just pack up and leave easily either. So while the rest of the U.S.A. is on the county system, we have Parishes. With the exception of New Orleans, we donít have Mayors. We have Parish Presidents. They are elected into office and fall right below our Governor in the food chain of politics. The church and some people have a huge influence over what, how and when people do things.

    When I say ďsome peopleĒ I mean people like ďMama DĒ that I seen on the news, on one of our two working channels. Itís really a trip when you see it on TV, I canít imagine what is going through the guyís head, but he must be really freaked out over Mama D. Why do I think this? Because he wonít make her leave her front porch, like they could make so many others leave. The man Iím talking about is a war torn, well-built man, of the Red Berets, the 82nd Airborne. When we did get help, we got some bad ass guys in here.

    Letís talk Mama D and the man some. Mama D, sheís from another world. She looks like a voodoo priestess sitting on her porch, in defiance of one of the mightiest Armies of the world. Surprisingly well spoken, and stuck in her ways for certain. So what is the man trying to do? Heís actually negotiating a deal with Mama D. You see, she has influence, and loads of it. She knows where the people are hiding, how to make them come out, and how to make them leave. Iím talking about 1000ís of people too. At the end of it all, the man drives away in his amphibious vehicle bewildered. Mama D still wonít leave, but they struck a deal, sheís going to convince the elderly and handicap to leave. The man and his fellow soldiers are interviewed by the newscaster, they all mention that they have fought or have seen battle in Afghanistan and or Iraq. They are all stunned by the devastation caused by Katrina. They have been all over the world, seen some gruesome ****, and yet they are all still surprised by the death and destruction in New Orleans and the metro area.

    There is a lot of death here, you can tell by the flies. There must be tons of rotting meat from peopleís freezers, then there are bodies just floating around. Yes, our official death toll is low, but they have yet to begin collecting the bodies. Almost two weeks later, they are still in the ďrescue modeĒ. Dead bodies are just pushed aside, to rescue or try to rescue the living. Out of all the petty things, these damn flies are driving me crazy.

    I must admit, I slept through most of the storm. Every now and then, as a tree blew over and shook the house, I would wake up. I could still hear the wind, rain and my house moving. My house was speaking to me, almost in a Lord of the Rings way, it reminded me of the Fangor Forrest, I believe it was. It would shift one way with the wind, and let out a long groan, then with the change of the wind direction, it would groan outloud and settle down a bit. Every now and then, you would hear loud pops, which I think were Pecans hitting the side of the house about 130MPH. I think thatís why I slept. It was like a B horror movie. No electricity, all the windows boarded up, the rain going sideways, and no escape now, not even if I wanted to go.

    After the Katrina bomb, people start emerging from their homes and what ever shelter they could find. In all ironies, itís a perfect day. Blue sky, not a cloud to be seen, and really not too hotÖÖyet. They only problem is, every thing is wasted and I mean ****ing EVERYTHING. At this point, we donít know how widespread it is. We have no TV, Radio, electricity, landlines and we are losing cell phones fast. Remember the Flintstones? Well, they were more modern then us at this point.

    First you check out your own house, and other then the front door being a real bitch to close now, we did alright. I live just a few hundred feet from my parents, if you could get up the driveway. Now we have so many trees in our yard, we canít leave unless we drive between the barn and shed, go through the neighbors yard, up his driveway to the highway, and back down to my parents. My parents lost the front porch and most of the shingles on the roof. All I really know now is what I can see, my family is OK but we arenít sure yet how my wifeís family did. We finally get in touch with them, they lost a lot of stuff, with about two feet of water in their house during the storm. My Dadís business is gone, the shell of a building is there from what I hear. At this point in is life, heíll probably never open it up again.

    Now that I think about it some, you know you live in a weird city when you need life vests and a chainsaw to save your life. Stop what you are doing for a second and look up. Just think, a lot of people drowned in their attics. With the water rising slowly and no place to go. Sounds like another B grade horror movie to me. Hereís where the problem comes in, It Isnít. It happened. Itís still happening, and Iím trying to figure out how to live in it with my young son and wife. Again in my life. if it wasnít for my Dad, I would be homeless. My wife and I have no idea when we can work again. Jefferson Parish is basically closed for the next three weeks. Dusk to dawn curfew, and if you get pulled over, they come at you with the guns drawn. I know this for a fact, because it happened to me on the way from the hospital.

    ďThe HospitalĒ crapÖ.I donít even know where to start about these clowns. Iíve been three times in two weeks, ending in emergency surgery. I guess I shouldnít say ďendingí because itís really not over yet, Iím just home. The first time was for my leg and back hurting. I know thatís a really candy ass reason to go to the emergency room in a crisis situation, but read on. Turns out my leg was infected pretty bad, and I thought my back was from cutting up a tree (which if we hadnít done, no electrical juice for the homestead here). A huge dose of antibiotics through IV, some to take home and some pain meds and I was on my way. OK fine. NOT. I was back in a couple of days pissing an moaning about my back, it was hurting in a big way. I know what pain is too. For those of you who donít know, Iíve have five major bone surgeries, 18 pieces of metal put into me and ten taken out, Iíve also had a bone graft to fuse two vertebrae in my neck. Well I finally got their attention, so they did a cat scan and found a 5mm Kidney stone. So more pain meds and a ďthis too shall pass my sonĒ speech and I was on my way. Also they basically told me not to come back. I donít have insurance and the good olí boys at FEMA hadnít authorized them to work on me anymore. Our free hospital is in New Orleans, which is flooded and will never open again. FineÖ. I didnít like your hospital anyway! Well I donít care how bad passing a Kidney stone should feel, it doesnít have to feel like you are dieing. I could hardly breathe and I felt like somebody was stabbing me in the back. So I convinced the wife to bring me to another hospital that just opened back up. They did another cat scan found another record breaking stone holding up the works. This one was 4mm by 10mm, yes I said 10mm. This hospital wasnít letting me leave.

    I stayed the night and in the morning they went in like Roto-Roter and yanked the thing out. Folks it only gets worse from here. The doc went in through the hole at the head of my prick. Your nuts hurt yet? No? Well keep reading. Turns out that stone was holding back the stone the other hospital seen. So they put in some plastic tube called a stint, and I still have to pass (read-piss out) the other stone. So as I type this, Iím drinking plenty of water and pissing out what looks like V8 tomato juice. I was told the blood is normal, but it still hurts like a mofo when I piss. Just one more stone to pass I keep saying to myself.

    Helicopters sure are loud when carrying a 9000lb load. I know this because they start flying at sunup to sundown, over my house. Twin rotor Shwroskeys I think. (I canít research anything because I still donít have cable TV, internet or phone access.) From what I can see, they are busy fixing the holes in our levee system that caused so much death and destruction. They are dropping 3000lb bags of sand in the holes.
    You can tell by the sound of the motors that they are loaded down, and the blades make a tremendous popping sound as they meet each other at the middle of the helicopter. I sure hope one of those bags doesnít fall off. It would be a real bitch to survive the storm, only to be pile driven into the ground by a sand bag. Two helicopters have crashed already, luckily everybody survived, canít say the same for the lineman from Oklahoma. That poor bastard was electrocuted to death. He was only trying to help us and got roasted.

    Iím someplace where I shouldnít be. Itís an odd feeling because Iím lying in my own bed typing this. I live in the city of Waggaman, in Jefferson Parish. Thereís that ďParishĒ word again. Jefferson is the first Parish outside of New Orleans to the West. Itís also on the West bank of the Mississippi river. Itís quite a bit more rural then the East bank. Iíve only been here about two years. I grew up about five minutes from New Orleans on the East bank of the river. We didnít even have a bridge over the river until the 1930ís. The good old Huey P. Long bridge. Built for trains, adding cars was an afterthought. Narrow as hell, and sways around as trains pass over it. Thereís a lot of people here that refuse to cross it. Oh, and did I mention that when they built it they screwed up? Yep, itís crooked and by the time they noticed it, it was too late. So they said ďscrew itĒ I guess and just finished the bridge.
    Oh, and the reason I shouldnít be here, Jefferson parish is closed for thee weeks. Iím a lot better off then my friend Billy. He and his girl friend lived in St.Charles Parish in the city of Chalmette. They managed to stick out the hurricane on the roof, and through a wild string of boats, helicopters, buses, and cars they are now safe in San Antonio, Texas.

    St Charles Parish has been declared a total loss. Damn what destruction. It couldnít have been any worse if you dropped an atomic bomb on it. Over 60,000 people are now homeless. Some people canít go back for at least six months. An oil tank burst and soaked everything with this heavy crude. Yíall that stuff isnít even really oil yet, just a thick black tar. I have other friends there thatíll probably never see or hear from again.

    In a few days, Iím going to be 40. I feel like a 100, yet I think Iím retarded, Iím stuck in a loop at the age of 15. This is mentioned because I born after the last great one. That is Hurricane Betsy in September 1965. Glad Iím not a girl, because my mom was going to name me Betsy. Sorry to all you Betsyís out there, but that a cows name for Christís sake. Was crack around in 1965? I guess the high winds affected my momís head. Everybody born after me has heard horror stories about Betsy. Well sorry folks, my Katrina just stomped your Betsyís ass into the ground. The hospital I was born in, in New Orleans, is never going to open again. Charity hospital was a free hospital, and I was born there because it was one of the few places still operational after Betsy.

    Man my head is being bombed again. Itís 2:30 in the morning and now I have to bring my son to the hospital in the morning, heís sick now too. Damn, there is sickness, death, destruction and mind numbing crap going on all around me. Just promise me one thing, will ya? If I fall asleep, please donít let the clowns eat me, OK?

    I still haven't gotten to FEMA, body counts, looting for fun, or trying to find food and help.
    Sliding down the banister of life ..........................

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    Hi RoundEye

    Damn Man my hearts goes out to you & your Family. A terrible crisis most of us can't begin to imagine.

    The only reassurance i have here is that Your a Tough SOB and if anyone can overcome this ordeal, you can.

    I do hope your Sons okay and its nothing too serious.

    Your All in my Prayers Tobey and I'm asking the Lord that everything will work out for You over time.

    God Bless


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    wow! I dont know what to say.

    I only ever met 1 person named katrina and she was a real beyatch.

    I truely wish the best for you and your family.
    with all the environmental and uknown health hazards I would definately relocate my family for at least a year. Nobody knows what kind of long term damage can happen to people who have an over exposure to a major city that has turned to soup. why be a guinea pig?

    forgive me if my advice seems underthought.

    will be thinking of you and your family

    concerned, Randy

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

    sometimes you have to think outside the box to get inside the box .

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    Wow....I hope things can get settled down wishes for you and your son, I know being sick on top of everything else isn't what you guys need right now.

    I'm going to save what you wrote RoundEye, it's really "eye opening" I guess you could say. Even though I really can't imagine it, no matter how many pictures or news clips I see....hell I am surrounded by a home, with a my jobs, goto is boring and normal as ever...while you and countless others their lives have been changed forever basically. It's not fair or right...I wish there was something more I could do besides donate money and blood....

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    34,796 already know that if there's anything we can do for you, to let us know.

    We've talked about them stones and yes..whey they rotozip them, it hurts to even think peeing for a couple of days cuz of that damed stint. The stint? Oh man...the Doctor didn't tell you did he? They don't put you to sleep to pull it out. Don't look when they insert that tool. Just grin like hell and don't pass gas because that doctor is gonna have at least one good looking nurse there, collecting all the warm water they use for a lubricant.

    My god, I can't belive the first hospital missed that first stone. It's huge.

    My heart goes out to you, and your family and all of the people of New Orleans.

    As soon as things get back to somewhat normal around there....your going to get one dinner on me. I've promised it and I do keep my word.

    Toby, stay safe and keep your family safe.


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    Kinda reads like Alice in WOnderland.

    So RE, are you Alice?

    Or the Mad Hatter.

    Be safe big guy, and hold that family close

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    Damn RE! Just try and keep a positive mental attitude towards things and it will improve. I know it's easier saying that from my position..but try and do the best you can.

    Prayers and thoughts!


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    I just read the entire post now and wow, really sorry to hear, dont know what else to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illini25
    Damn RE! Just try and keep a positive mental attitude towards things and it will improve. I know it's easier saying that from my position..but try and do the best you can.

    Prayers and thoughts!

    Yeah Roundeye Things ill get better for you , and I will also continue to pray for you and your family aswell as all the hurrican victims.

    - Reps for being a smartass.
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