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Thread: wired router/wireless router network problem

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    wired router/wireless router network problem

    Alright. . .

    I have 2 routers running right now. A wired Linksys BEFSX41 which is connected to the internet through my cable modem and a wireless Linksys WRT54G that is connected to the first router.

    Ever since I got the wireless installed, I had been having trouble with the windows networking aspect of the home network. Computers hooked up to each router could access the internet and any other computers connected to the same router, but couldn't create a network connection to computers connected to the other router.

    I spent a while checking some of the threads here (mostly replied to by YeOldeStonecat) and decided to try some new configurations. I finally got all of the computers to network through windows for file sharing, but I'm having some ip based pinging issues, as well as the inability to connect to the control panel of the wireless router anymore. I can ping TO the computers behind the wireless router from any computer hooked to the wired router, but I can't ping any computers on the wired router from the wireless router computers.

    So let me give you an idea of my configuration and maybe someone can shed some light on the subject.

    Local IP:
    Automatically obtain IP: on
    DHCP: off (I manually assign a static IP to any computers on the system)

    Local IP:
    Network IP:
    Automatically obtain IP: off
    DHCP: off
    Default Gateway:

    I have all of the computers on the network with the default gateway set as (Wired router) and they can all connect to the internet. The wireless router is connected to the wired router by a normal (not crossover) ethernet cable (direct port to direct port - not uplinked and not port to wan connection).

    So that's the basic setup I'm working with. For right now it'll suffice as all computers can connect to the internet and it's not a huge problem that they can't ping one another . . .but I'd prefer to reset everything and set it up the 'right' way (if there is even such a thing in this situation)


    P.S. - if you made it this far in the post without going insane, I commend you

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    internet works but still can't connect home network

    I think I have the same problem that you originally had. I have 2 computers each hooked up to my Linksys BEFSR41 router and each computer can access the internet seperately. But I can not create a network connection and computer2 can recogonise computer1 but computer1 cannot recognise computer2...

    Also I can not access "View workgroup computers" as a subdirectory in "My network places" as after a long period of waiting a message says "Mshome not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource."

    So MidgetBrawl can u explain how u solved ur initial problem??

    Please help because this is driving me crazy!!

    Thanks, Eyespi

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    It doesn't sound exactly the same since my original problem was getting computers behind two seperate routers to network properly, but I'll see if I can help you out anyway.

    The first thing you should check is that both of the computers are in the same workgroup:

    1) Right click "My Computer" and select properties
    2) Click on the "Computer Name" tab and look at the workgroup name (windows defaults you into the 'workgroup' workgroup when you install)

    Do this on both computers, and make sure they're both part of mshome. . . if the computer you're using is part of the default workgroup ('workgroup') and the computer you're trying to access is part of 'mshome' you'll get a problem much like what you're describing.

    if you find that one of your computers is in a different workgroup, you can change that by clicking the change button on the same window (a restart is required).

    If this doesn't work, or if you've already checked and this isn't the problem, let me know and I'll try to come up with something else

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    Thanks for your reply and your help but unfortunately I've already checked that. However I have managed to basically get the network going. I turned the firewall to a low security on computer2 and this means I can view computer1 files on computer2. But I cannot not view computer2 files on computer1 (if ur following me!) even after turning the computer1 firewall to a low security.??

    Also, I cannot access the computer1 files on computer2 via 'my network places' > mshome and I have to type the computer1 ip address into the computer2 search. BAsically, I can only access it if I search for it and cannot find it in its directory (mshome) even though its location is 'mshome'. I have tried showing hidden files but this still does not work.??

    Even though I have to search each time, I can access computer1 on computer2 but I do not think its quite how it should be...

    Thanks for ur first answer though and if you have any ideas for this problems please reply

    Thanks, Eyespi

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    your problem is that you basicly have 2 networks a wireless and a wired.
    with this you want to plug everthing into the back of the wireless router. have that issuing a dhcp address and turn DHCP off on the other on.
    this problem is basicly that you are having firewalling issues. these routers are acting as a firewall that is not allowing your computer to talk to each other.
    your routers are also sitting on 2 diffrent sub nets. eg, and the ipaddresses need to have the 3 number the same eg and or and which will alow them to communicate better

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