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Thread: simple speedtouch 330 usb adsl modem question

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    simple speedtouch 330 usb adsl modem question

    i wanted to ask if anyone has the speedtouch 330 usb adsl modem. Its my first adsl line and am quite dissapointed by this poor little thing i got from my supplier. i dont undestand why anyone would build a modem nowadays without a ethernet port on it.
    Besides that i have noticed that the tools it comes equipped with is rather weird. Actually i wanted to ask if anyone has used the Dr. Speedtouch and seen the update from its performance tab. According to other tools it is way off displaying in an approximate values mostly. I also noticed that the speed is set to it, 288k down 576up. Are these values set by my isp and routed to the modem every time i connect or is there a local file that it contains them.
    I checked a bit the files with resource hacker but couldnt find anything.
    maybe i have missed something. anyways. if anyone knows this i would be gratefull if you could share your knowledge with me.

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    Your speeds are set my ur isp, what are u paying for?

    it says speedtouch usb so theres no garantee its gonna have an ethernet port

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    basically i ordered a 2mbit connection but was declined by BT and hence my isp placed my order again as a 512 which was accepted by BT wholesales.
    I have been informed by my isp (Demon) that they do not controll the bandwidth and therefore cant attempt to upgrade my connection from 512k to 1mbit that i requested the other day. They told me that only BT can do that and that a current project of BT that is comming to an end in September is going to upgrade all lines to a max capacity of 2mbit. The funny thing is that my line according to the local exchange has been upgraded to 2mbit but i am 2 far away from that exchange or somethingo/or cables are of bad quality.
    Dunno really. I just want to tweak/upgrade my connection and wanted to know where does my modem get the down/up bandwidth values.
    Anyways, hope someone has an idea

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