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Thread: Great speed,slow downloads why?

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    Post Great speed,slow downloads why?

    Ok after spending most of the day with my SWBell Tech at my house and changing a line the DSL has sped up to a average of 684kbps , but still this is not working right , for instance if I try to download a update of say microsoft the transfer will stop usaully around 30 second into it, also most pages will load but the icon keeping spinning as if there is more data coming.One other thing is that on some pages the pictures will not load at all but all of the other images will? I do know that they should as they do load on my neighbors computer using earthlink dialup..My operating system is win98se my computer is 1GHZ Athlon with 327mb ram ,40 gig hard drive and not even close to its limits..Please help me I am about to scream...

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    Try repairing or redownload IE, heres how:
    To repair IE
    Go to contol panel,add/remove programs
    Select IE and internet tools from box
    Click remove
    A box will come up asking if you want to repair or remove IE
    Click on repair

    To redownload IE
    Go to
    Under downloads click on download center
    Select which which version you want and select your OS
    Click on run from this location when download box comes up
    good luck


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