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Thread: Wireless to internet is slow, wired is FAST

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    Wireless to internet is slow, wired is FAST

    Linksys BEFW11S4, v3.
    Linksys says its the 2.4Ghz phones I have in my house. It was never like this before (just moved).

    Any settings I can change on my Linksys? Have found the optimal channel and MTU setting. Anything else?

    Wired gets close to ~8Mpbs, wireless is only 2.5Mbps. 4 wireless devices on network, 1 is wireless Linksys camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevcarp
    Linksys BEFW11S4, v3.
    Linksys says its the 2.4Ghz phones I have in my house. It was never like this before (just moved).

    Any settings I can change on my Linksys? Have found the optimal channel and MTU setting. Anything else?

    Wired gets close to ~8Mpbs, wireless is only 2.5Mbps. 4 wireless devices on network, 1 is wireless Linksys camera.
    First.. Welcome to SpeedGuide!
    Seems like you got the internals down..
    I post the following a lot, because it has made a difference in my wireless 80211.b setup..
    Try making some parabolic antennas/reflectors.. very easy to do!
    Check the following site:
    Look around the whole site.. has some really great setup's.. You can really make some up really cheap..I made some parabolic reflectors/antennas out of some thin cardboard and tin foil.
    A lot of times, you can get four happy things by making some reflectors/antenna's up.
    One, is you direct the signal from the wireless client to the wireless access point, for a more solid connection.
    Two, You can gain a bit more "privacy" from your neighbors / war driver's..
    Three you can increase speed
    Four you can increase distance a bit more..

    Your new place that you moved into.. "could" have some sort of outside/inside interference..
    so this might affect your results, but I hope they help you!
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    Hi I too have this problem however this is when I have a full signal and sitting next to the router so I dont think that interferance is a problem Any other ideas as to how I can speed up my connection?


    Oh Sorry that this is my 1st post. Great site

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    Are there other wireless networks in your area? Tried Netstumbler (.com) to see what if any are around? Tried differnt channels?

    If you are on the same channel as a neighboring system yours will slow down as the two systems share the spectrum. Since the channels overlap going up or down one or two isnt enough. Try Ch 1 or 11 and see if things change.

    But you need to know who else is on what channels...
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    thanks for the info. I have now got it to start DLing at 1.2Mb per sec but it then drops gradually to about 680kb

    Any other ideas? There is one other wireless netowrk about however this is weak and I dont think having an effect on my network as I have changed throught the Channel range and not had any differance.

    Thanks again.

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    Ok I will bite! You have multiple problems going on right now. Some of it is other wireless devices interfering whether they are yours or other peoples in other houses.

    1. Make sure your BSSID / SSID (same thing) on your wireless access point and your wireless client are the same then, rename the wireless access point BSSID / SSID to something you would know quite well what it means, not the default crap is assigned to it by the manufacturer.

    2. Save it, then use that exact phase in your client side SSID network ID, this will help you keep from getting datagram symbol interference from people that have the same router, same BSSID / SSID, but different MAC addresses than you.

    3. The more you can set your wireless network apart from the other networks that use the same hardware and software the better off you will be.

    Note: Just because you have full linking quality and signal strength is only part of the problem. When you are done assigning a new BSSID / SSID, I would switch on 128-bit WEP on the router, then pick a password that you will remember so you can put it on the client side. This also helps keep other intruders off your network and snitch your bandwidth. Changing your Username and password for the router is also highly recommended as well.

    If you need more help with this I can give you detailed information on how to do it, it's also available at the manufacturers website and in the help files on the router itself when you log into the web management section.

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    More Problems with Wireless Speed

    Greetings and thank you for the informative site.

    My question is, of course, speed related. I visit a lot of offices - perhaps two or three per day, and over the course of a week I'll hit a total of 10 different offices. I use my comptuer to tie into their networks and do maintenance and service. (usually I work by remote late at night, but some of us just have to make appearances or our customers wonder who we are.)

    It does not matter what office I am in. Whether it's in the office with only one WAP in a 2000 foot radius, no wireless devices at all active (the WAP is for me), or the one that has a dozen WAPs in a 200 foot radius, everything has been great for the last year... then someone poured 180 weight differential grease in the works. Chrome says it's a "resolving host" issue. IE says it's a DNS routing error. Firefox ran fine for about two hours and then it, too, bogged down.

    If I disable the wireless and cable in, everything is fine, of course. But that is not always easy.

    I've cleared DNS, cleaned the HOSTS file (spybot), disabled everything I can find in the way of 3rd Party software. Based on network activity (monitoring wireless activity via another computer that is NOT having the issue) it appears to be a time-out problem of some sort. I just cannot define WHERE.

    I've reloaded, upgraded, and downgraded the wireless network drivers, swapped network cards with another machine that does work (Intel vs Anthos) - and no matter which card is in the one computer, it runs sloggy.

    However, it ONLY runs slow when it is looking for a new domain. That made me think it was a domain server issue. I've tried 4 different DNS servers - all work the same - slow on the first access - fast subsiquently. Reboot the computer or move to another network and the issue starts all over again.

    Since so many people are now linking dozens of pages to their own page so they don't need to create or have any original thought, it is taking sometimes more than 5 minutes to load a page.... the first time. After than it runs fine.

    I've turned DNS prefetching or caching, or whatever it is that Chrome calls it on and off serveral times just to see if it makes a difference.

    Tried everything I've read on every site that I've been able to get to.


    I've even reinstalled windows 7 ultimate on this machine..... AAAHHHRRRRRGGGG!!!!

    Any tideas????

    Sincerely - TheFrostbyte

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