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Thread: Add this smilie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip
    Added another:
    Heh. You rock!

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    Its chilly here...
    Beer, Pretzels, and a Monkey with a shotgun. Dare I ask for more?

    SYSTEM A / system b
    INTEL P4 3.06Ghz / intel p4 2.53Ghz
    INTEL D865PERL / intel d845pebt2
    1GB DDR3200 OCZ RAM / 512MB 2700 ram
    ATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128/ pny ti4400
    SEAGATE SATA 7200 80Gb / maxtor 7200 100Gb
    SB AUDIGY GAMER/ onboard sound
    XP Pro on both

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabledude
    Heh. You rock!

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