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Thread: HELP! connecting router & DSL Modem

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    HELP! connecting router & DSL Modem

    Please help! I will admit I thought I knew something about networking, but must admit I'm a complete novice.

    I just got DSL connected through and want to connect 2 computers I have in my house. I've purchased a D-Link DI-604 router and I'm having EXTREME difficulty getting to the internet through my router.

    My DSL Modem is an Actiontec GT-701-WG and I've upgraded to the latest firmware through Qwest's dsl help.

    My router is a D-Link DI-604 Rev. E with f/w Ver. 3.51.

    I'm running Windows XP (on both computers) with SP 2 and all the updates I could get through the windows update site.

    So far, I can communicate to either my router or the modem, but not to the modem through the router. Again, please realize I'm admitting to being a novice, I'm beginning to understand IP addresses, submetmasks, defaultgateways, etc., but everything I've attempted (dynamic addresses, static addresses, DHCP changes, etc.) have been fruitless. I'm beyond the point of total frustration and would appreciate anyone that will walk me through setting up the router and modem so I can get my computers connection.

    THANK YOU very much in advance for any help.

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    put the modem in bidge mode and the router in pppoe with username and password
    you should be good to go

    and have the router also in dhcp server modem
    Comptia a+ n+

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    Even as I'm writing this, I'm FINALLY connected to my DSL modem through my router. How I wished I'd known that it was much more simpler than I was making it . . .

    I VERY MUCH appreciate the help. I'm beginning to gain some knowledge on networking and your assistance helped tremendously.

    Thank you again.

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