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Thread: Windows xp sp2 lan setup.

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    Question Windows xp sp2 lan setup.

    The problem goes like this. @ home i have 2x computer's both windows pro xp sp2. both computers connected to each othere using pc - to - pc ethernet cable and the server computer has to 2x lan adapter's 1 of the lan card's connects to ADSL ( PPPoP connection ). iv tryed to setup Internet connection sharing. now i have 2x computers in my network place with share folders and etc. then in connections on the client computer i have or had ( randomly ) internet connection gateway for some reason it apperas there and disapears but then that is the 1st problem. Now about othere problem's Internet explorer is not working from time to time then different applications stop or start to work online. and the lan itself stops to work also.
    My question will be like this. is there any othere way to setup local area network with shared internet connection. using maybe windows ICS or some 3rd party programs some sort of proxy or gateway or maybe some sort of step by step setup manual :>

    sorry for bad english.

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    Your connection would be much easier if you bought a router. Connect the router by ethernet cable to the modem. Then connect each computer by straight through Cat 5 cable (not the crossover you are now using) to the router. With ADSL, you would need to set up the connection to your ISP by entering the address of the router (each manufacturer uses different default addresses - i.e. Linksys uses in the address bar of your browser. You will be taken to a configuration page for the router. Be sure to disable the connection settings from the computer now connected to the modem. You will note that only 1 ethernet card is now needed in the previously connected computer.
    While you're out buying that router (they're quite cheap these days), consider buying a wireless one - for future use.
    Good luck.

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