I have tow wireless ISP systems. The first one consists of: Cisco2600 router, Access Point Cisco 350 AP and Hyperlink 15 dBi Omni directional Antenna. The second one consists of: Cisco2600 Router, Access Point Cisco Aironet 1231, 2 watts Hyperlink Amplifier and 3x120 Deg. 20 dBi Sector Antenna.
The firs system provides 20 clients, while the second one provides about 45 clients. All clients nearly using same receiver devices (PCI D-Link 520+, PCI D-Link 520G+, D-Link AP900+ or D-Link AP2000G+) and external antennas
The tow antenna of the tow systems are installed at the same tower and the tow indoor devices are installed in the same building.
All systems using tow methods of security. First method is by using 128 bit WEP encryption. The second method by using MAC Address filtering.
The first system is working properly without sensible problems, while the second one has cumbersome problems. The problems are:
- Sometimes the signal strength at the client side seems to be unstable. So, the signal sometimes rise-up other times signal strength goes down.
- Sometimes the client got discontinuous pinging to access point IP while the signal strength is about 80%. Thatís cause bad internet browsing.
- Sometimes the client got continuous pinging to access point IP but the browsing is very bad and sometimes the client can't brows any site.
I tried to solve those problems or find a reason which may cause the problems as:
1- I switched off the first system to let the second one working without probable interference.
2- I changed the access point of the second system with another new one. (the old one was aironet 1200 series has maximum transmit power of 50mW and the current one has 100mW).
3- I removed the amplifier and connect the access point directly to the antenna.
4- I reconfigured the access point and the router to set the configurations look like the first system.
5- I connected only 10 clients to the system.
6- I tried all available channels of the access point.
7- I exchanged the router, cable and antenna of the second system with those of the first system.
I wonder if you can give a credible reason for the above problems or advice me how to decrease those problems and increase the system performance. Can you advice me for a device or a software which can measure exact signal and test the connectivity at the client side so I can specify if this connection is reliable or not.