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Thread: internet connection sharing service missing

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    internet connection sharing service missing

    I have 2 computers (XP) connected by LAN and only one computer connecting to the internet, a few days ago the server computer was attacked by some virus (i dont know if this is relevant) which i removed with Norton antivirus & Lavasoft ad aware etc, but since then the client computer can't access the internet, the Internet connection sharing box in my network properties is mysteriously unchecked, when i tick the box i get the error message
    "An error occurred when ICS was being enabled, the specified service does not exist as an installed service" The same error occurred when i tried to set up the connection again through the network wizard.
    I've tried reinstalling XP SP2 and installing network components from the xp setup disc but nothing works.
    When i go to computer management DCHP and TCP/IP are both running. Apparently i'm missing some internet connection sharing service, is there anyway i can fix this? please, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    i had the same problem and found how to fix it here:

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