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Thread: Open Access with a few controls

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    Question Open Access with a few controls

    I'm trying to implement a very bespoke open access network, and I think this must be possible, but have no idea where to start. Pointers would be welcome...

    Summary : I want to set up a network that will allow anyone to access it for a limited time, and which allows certain registered members to access it as much as they like.

    Background : I set up an open-access network in my building. So many free-riders logged on that I maxed out my service provider's 15Gb-per-month limit in about 3 days. I don't want to cut everyone off, I just want to limit them to 15 minutes per day. I also want to allow specific users to log-in through a web-form (much like one does in an internet cafe) and be allowed to use the network from whatever computer they logged in from for as long as they like - but I still need to deregister that MAC address when they stop using it (i.e. go idle for 15 minutes or disconnect from the network), I don't want someone to log in once and then be able to use the network for a year! I'd also like to monitor who uses the network for how long, and using how much of my bandwidth, with a view to sharing the costs of the connection along bandwidth-usage lines.

    Requirements : I have a vague idea of the hardware I'll need, but have absolutely no idea what the network architecture and the software requirements are - I expect I have to use a PC as a gateway to administer the access permissions for each computer, but maybe there's a company that make wireless router products with all this built in? Any advice would be most welcome, I'm more or less starting from scratch, I've never set up anything more complicated than a home network using an ADSL-modem-router before.


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    Easiest would be to start with a package like this - runs on comodity hardware (Linux)

    A router/AP that could do what you want could cost >$1000 - if you want that degree of management/control.

    You are effectively asking how to become a budget ISP - this is not a cheap or trivial task - elsewise, ISP fees would be much lower

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