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Thread: Necessities for Canon PowerShot S1 IS

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    Necessities for Canon PowerShot S1 IS

    This is my first digital camera...I have been comparing cameras for a few weeks and have settled on this one for its 10x zoom, good video, and decent price. Hearing the quote 'swiss army knife' kinda sold me on it as well.

    I've been putting having a camera off for a while but now have these kittens I would like to capture before they grow up right in front of my eyes. Now I have the incentive.

    Therefore my excuse for not having the time to know about all the proper accessories to go with the S1. Frankly all these reviews gives me a headache, I'm sorry.

    CF memory cards? How large of one do you think a newb needs to rock n roll? 1GB? Any brands I should look out for? Type I or any reason to go for the thicker Type II?

    NiMH batteries and charger? Canon's Battery and Charger Kit CBK4-200? or one with more features (48.97).

    So many card readers! Which one do you like?

    I can't believe a case isn't included with this camera...anyone actually buy the one made for their respective cameras and enjoy it? Or would a bigger one that would fit more than just a camera be more ideal

    Anything else I'm forgetting about? The help would be appreciated


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    Canon is good choice, they don't fill the box with fluff n order to stay competitive. But the cost of the package goes into the camera with canon, not into rechargables, camera bags and so on.
    As big a CF card as you can afford seeing as you have video, if only stills, a 128 does well.
    I use energizer rechargables, they seam to work well.
    And a small camera bag is good, if you want to carry extra batteries, cf cards and so on.

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