I live at an off-campus house that gets a weak signal from my college's wireless network. I'd like to extend the network (802.11b, open access) to cover the house. I know what sort of antenna I'll need to get a good signal, but I can't figure out what other equipment to use.

Do I want to set up a repeater, replace one of the antennas with a high-gain directional aimed at the college network? Will that cover a house?

Or, do I want to set up a bridge with the high-gain antenna aimed at the college, plug it into a wireless router/ap, and use that to generate the wireless coverage for the house?

In another project I've used some Linksys WAP54Gs configured as bridges, but they indicate that they will only connect to other Linksys products. If a bridge is what I want, where do I find one that will connect to one of the college access points?