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Thread: VPN over Linksys over Thomson

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    VPN over Linksys over Thomson

    For quite a while, I'm using Thomson speedtouch 510 to connect to internet, works just fine.

    To be precise: the modem is in bridged mode, I connect from my PC (using some PPP)
    I use VPN to connect to the office (over that connection). Works fine too.

    Now, I have two and potentially more PC's. My modem has only one ethernet connector and I would eventually also want to work wireless.
    I got a linksys WRT54GS from a friend to play with it.

    I use it in a gateway mode: it creates PPPoE connection with my provider autonomously.
    I currently use wired ethernet only.
    I enable passthrough of all VPN stuff (PPTP, L2TP and IPsec).
    My VPN client connects succesfully, but I can't reach anything. I can't reach my router, I can't reach any public IP adress, I can't reach any office server.

    My PC has win2000, VPN client is Alcatel Secure VPN client.

    I tried things like reducing MTU, disabling firewall,... without success.

    Any sugestions are welcome.
    A good guide (reference) about what is happening in VPN and how I can observe/control it is welcome too. I know a bit of IP, but VPN is like a mistery.



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    Is the firmware on the router up to date? I've found Linksys routers overall to be very compatible with various VPN clients.

    UPnP disabled
    SPI disabled for testing?
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    Firmware: I checked before. Was up to date, but few days ago, they (Linksys) posted a new one. I installed and tried. No difference. Didn't try any of the clones around.

    UPnP: Disabled
    SPI: Assume you mean the firewall: tried to disable, also disabled all possible options there, like filter multicast,...

    Strange thing is: I get connected (I get a PC icon in the status bar,...) according to windows and vpn client, but in fact I can't connect to anything.

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