This is my first post.
I never had crashes back to desktop or things like that. But since 1.4 i got alot ctd.

It is always the same. I play a round or two. But i ctd at the very latest third or fourth round. I wasnt able to play more than three rounds in a row since patch 1.4.

It is reproducable, i choose the spawn point, the round starts, spawn > ctd.
My system is rock stable, and i never had client caused problems since i started to play BF2 (patch 1.3).

I reinstalled windows, i tested on winxp_x64 too, i tested different drivers, i tested without ms-updates since sp2. No success.

I have alot dmp files, but how can i read them ? Is there a tool ?


sorry for my bad english, just ask if there is something you canīt understand.