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Thread: thermaltake cases?

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    thermaltake cases?

    so i'm considering buying that case. does anyone have any experience with thermaltake cases. i think it looks pretty good.

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    ThermalTake makes a good product.

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    Personally, I find ThermalTake cases to be over-the-top, but if you're going all-out, why not?

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    I got a TT case with 5 fans and the controls display etc on the front.. it didn't come with a power supply either cause I'm running a SLI setup and required a powerful PS at which I got from pcpowerand cooling

    so look at your setup and see if your going to need more power than that 430watt is going to give ya plus cooling also beyond the 3 fans that it comes with.

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    It's a great case! You will have all kinds of room and lots of cooling.
    Good choice.
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    Yeha thermaltake work well. I had a TT case before my current XCase
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