ewido Beta 3.5
Current beta version: 3.5 beta
Last Update of this document: May 29th, 2005
Please note that this beta version cannot be installed beside an already installed version 3.0 and signature updates may be less frequent during the beta.

Please note that this is an unfinished beta version. Therefore it shouldn't be installed on productive systems as errors could occur.
Known Bugs:
- Fast user switching is not supported
- Scan report does not show complete detail
- Only basic heuristics
- No warning message when an infection has been found inside an archive
- Signatures and heuristics may cause some false positives
- Minor interface glitches

+ New Feature
- Bugfix
* Feature change

> version 3.5 beta
+ scan: added scan for registry traces
+ scan: added scan for clsid's
+ scan: added cleaning for registry keys
+ scan: new interface with different search types (quick, full, custom...)
+ scan: added filter by extension
* scan: scanner no longer stops scanning when an infection has been found
- engine: massive speed improvements
- engine: fixed problem with rebased files
- engine: fixed problem with perverted files
+ engine: added heuristics
+ engine: scan inside sfx archives
+ engine: scan inside cab archives
+ engine: unpacking support for some installers
+ engine: improved emulation (now supports petite, pex and mew)
+ engine: added cookie scan for mozilla/firefox
+ engine: added support for NTFS-ADS