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Thread: Wired with wireless add-on ok?

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    Wired with wireless add-on ok?

    Just need confirmation that I am going in the right direction on what I want to do before I spend any more money. I have 2 XP systems in the house on a wired LAN with a DSL modem for Internet connection (PPoE). Currently, the cable between the two computers runs from one computer's Ethernet PCI adapter to the other computer's Ethernet PCI adapter. I have finally realized that this is not the most secure way to go (after having continually found the same spyware and adware on both computers when I run SpyBot and AdAware on them). I have a NetGear RP614 wired router coming by UPS any day now. I know to link both house computers to this router instead of to each other. Question: When properly configured, will this router stay connected to the Internet even if I turn off both computers? Question: If yes, do I remove the PPoE connection that is currently on the host computer after the router is configured? Question: If the router is intended to work like that, and both computers are turned off, then is it accurate to say that either computer, when booted up, will be instantly on-line (because the router is "always on")? Lastly (I hope): I have yet a third XP computer in a room detached from the house. Distance apx 75 ft. Question: To connect the third computer to the first two, would I: Install a 802.11g wireless PCI adapter in it and would I connect a 802.11g "wireless extender" to the wired router? (Thank you one and all who have read this far. Please forgive my wordiness.)

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    I don't think the Netgear RP614 is a wireless router. You should have a router that is at least G (perhaps super G, or if you transfer many files, perhaps the new N flavour)
    Your 2 existing computers should be connected directly to the router (by wire if close enough). Delete any PPPoE software on either computer and also ICS if installed.
    From either computer you can log on to your router (check manual for IP address - Linksys is, Belkin etc). Once into the router's config page, enable PPPoE, set up your userid and password and any other items you desire. You can do the rest later if you wish.
    Once connected, you can shut down either computer and the other will still have Internet connection.
    You can configure the wireless part of the router's settings for the 3rd computer, ensuring you set up security (WEP or whatever), create a SSID etc. You will need a wireless adapter on the 3rd machine, preferably from the same company that made the router.

    A wireless router is capable of handling both wired computers and wireless at the same time.

    Post back if you have any problems.

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    Shoul look like this:

    If the Router is ON, a computer would be instantly on the Internet when switched On.

    To add Wireless capacity to the RP614 you would need an Access Pont. Access Points are usually more expensive than Wireless cable/DSL Router. So you are better off replacing the rp614 with a nice Wireless Cable/DSL Router.

    Link to: Wireless What Should I Get?

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