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Thread: Norton AV 2003 sux it didnt detect 6 trojs

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    Angry Norton AV 2003 sux it didnt detect 6 trojs

    anyone have a suggestion on a free AV that really works at detecting Virus/Troj, i had to use Trend Micro online scan to kill the viruses and Norton didnt even have the definitions for them, please suggest a better 1 if possible

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    For free try AVG 7 FREE, but it doesn't compare to Kaspersky Personal 5, give the trial a shot and I bet you will buy it. If you try Kaspersky set it ap as I have written HERE.

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    Also whatever antivirus you end up with, keep up with newer versions. Norton 2003, although far from my favorite, in its's an old engine, at that time they weren't concerned with trojans and other malware of that type.
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