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Thread: 2W DirectPC Satellite bandwidth issue

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    Post 2W DirectPC Satellite bandwidth issue

    I have one of the first 2W DirecPC satellite systems, installed Friday, and have some bandwidth issues with MS's Internet Connection Sharing. I am assuming that this forum is the proper place for question/issues with this new technology. If not, please redirect me.

    My first question is if all the tweaks, settings, general information, etc applicable to DSL and Cable are also applicable to 2W Satellite. I would assume so, but must ask.

    For thoses unfamiliar with 2W satellite, it uses a USB connection to a Win9x/2000 PC and download bandwidth has been running from 700K to 2000K over the last few days with the typical being around 900K. I don't know if this will drop as more are installed, but the advertised speed is only 400K. I haven't tested upload speed, but 128K is advertised. Latency seems to be about 1/3 to 1/2 second by a seat of pants measurement and seems no slower than my T1 connection at work.

    I have a dedicated Win2000Pro PC for this connection on a 100M switched ethernet network. I first used a proxy server (AnalogX first and AlegroSurf later) to share the connection. This worked fine and bandwidth was about the same as at the gateway PC. However, this stopped working after about an hour or two and all browser requests from all PCs, including the gateway, returned a "Upstream Proxy Connect Failure" message. To correct I would restart the DirecPC program and it would work again for about an hour or so before failing again. It failed using both proxy's above. Proxy's aren't supported so no help from the vendor.

    I then switched to Internet Connection Sharing, which is all that is supported and tried again. This works fine except for bandwidth. The gateway PC is averageing about 900K, but the bandwidth at each of the networked PCs is consistently in the 165-175K range. Downloads averaged 180K on the gateway, but only 20K on the other PCs. These PCs include Win2000 Server, WinME and a Win98 notebook with a wireless LAN card. The bandwidth is so consistent that it must be throttled. The only support the vendor would give is that they though that different operating systems don't work well together with ICS.

    My question here is if all that I see on this site applicable to 2W Satellite systems and if anyone has any particular expriences that might be benificial here. I think the Satellite market is going to rocket for all of us in Podunk USA that don't have DSL or cable available and hope that coverage of this technology will be added to this site.


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    Though very odd if achieving the speeds you posted at the gateway PC, it could be possible that your proxy software is limiting bandwidth to your LAN. Check your proxy software for any settings that specify bandwidth usage, and adjust accordingly. I'm not sure whether the USB connection is also throwing you off, though it shouldn't. I would recommend to opt for an Ethernet connection instead, and use NAT to share this line with your LAN. Good NAT software is WinRoute
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    USB won't be the issue since I got the higher bandwidth with the poxys before they failed. Ethernet isn't an option since the Satellite connection is USB only. I didn't see any bandwidth settings on the DirecPC software but will check again when I get home but doubt it since the proxys ran fine. It seems specific to MS's ICS. I will take a look at WinRoute. Thanks


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