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Thread: Cable Modem combined with Telephone Modem?

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    Question Cable Modem combined with Telephone Modem?

    Hi guys,
    Couple of quick questions. I just got my cable access and modem. It consists of Cable download and modem upload (rural missouri..ugg). The cable modem also contains the telephone modem for the upload.The bood says there is only a 33.6 modem in the cable modem and I have a 56.6k usb modem that I'm not using. Is there anyway to plug the phone line into the 56k modem instead of using the cable modems built in 33.6k ? The cable modem is a Surfboard SB2100D, and the cable provider is Cable america. 2nd question... I'm getting really high pings in my on-line games...specifically quake 3. Is this due to the 33.6 modem I'm going thru for upload or is it something else.. by high pings i mean high 100's near 200's. Thanx, I'll be monitoring.

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    All current dial-up modems, aside from the new V.92, upload at only 33.6 kbps. So, you won't do yourself any good by changing over.

    I would say that your dial-up modem is the reason for the high pings.

    BTW, where do you live in Missouri? Can you get DSL?

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    nope, no dsl here..I'm at Ft. Leonard wood, mo.

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    Is there any way your self you could purchase a two way modem. and nic for your computer. If your provider will allow it. This might sovle your problem. All they would have to do is provision the modem for you. Plus most drop the modem charge off after you own one. This is if you plan on keeping cable for a while. Who knows maybe after a while they will use two way modems. But before you do this see if they do allow two way modems. Plus if they do purchase a extened warrenty on the modem .Just incase of a problem. Just a thought. Not saying run out and get one.

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    If he is one way it is because his cable co's system is NOT set up for two way. If his system was two way his cable company would not have him dial in. If you think about it the cable comapny has to pay that telco for all those lines for the upstream and running two way would be cheaper.

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    this is a complete long shot but....

    I have a theory that a partial cause of ur poor pings may be the fact that ur upload and dload rates are so out of sync.

    if u think about it most games never require anything higher than about 10k/sec up/down. Your cm can provide your 10k/sec down with no difficulty but your dial up modem is only sending at about 3k/sec.

    the only thing I can suggest is that you alter the settings for whatever game u are playing and tell it that you are using a dial up connection.

    that may improve it a little, then again it might be utter guesswork! good luck

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    yes like he just said set your games up for the option you are using Dial Up that will optimize them to know to use dial up speeds.....
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    Originally posted by EddyA
    nope, no dsl here..I'm at Ft. Leonard wood, mo.
    holy crap, where do you live @ in Fort Leonard Wood Mo...

    what's it like is it any good
    I live on Epps Street..
    I tried to sign up for the 1-way but they said they werent taking anymore new customers...
    SO I got to wait till like July or something when they upgrade to 2-way.....


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