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Thread: What is all this about MP3 USB Keys ?

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    Talking What is all this about MP3 USB Keys ?


    I am new to MP3 players.
    You might aswell read my small post "Some-thing strange about MP3 Players/Recorders !!!" before reading this post to understand it.
    I am going to ask the website these questions but usually it takes 7 days for a website to get back and I can't afford to wait that long as I need to buy one immediately and so I need your brilliant helps.

    Anyway, after checking a lot of brands and models I have come across many technical words that I don't understand. I have listed them in BOLD below so please try to explain them to me as much as you can.
    I am not expecting anyone to explain every single technical words which I have listed but if anyone does volunteer to do so then GREAT !!!
    I am not just simply listing the technical words because if I do that then maybe you too won't understand as some-times different websites list different words (which you have never heard or read before) explaining the same thing. And that is why I have listed the "context" aswell as the links so you can check the "technical information" of each MP3 Player/Recorder on the links yourself to check-out the full contexts of each products's technical descriptions.
    Please note that I am not spamming the links because I don't own them and I am not affiliated with them either otherwise I would have listed my referral links.
    Please look-out for the BOLD text for those are the words which I do not understand and need help to understand them and look-out for underlined text because those are my questions.
    Try to answer as much as you can.

    Thank You




    Functions : Data support
    LCD panel : Reversible LCD screen for left/right hand use
    Other information : 5 band customized equalizer and 4 preselections (Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical)

    What does data support mean here ? What kind of support ?


    MEMUP Music Drive I 256 MB MP3 USB 2.0 key

    Functions : MP3/WMA player, USB key, dictaphone

    dictaphone ? Is this the built-in microphone that I speak into to record my voice ? I wonder upto how far these can record !


    CREATIVE USB MP3 MuVo TX FM 512 USB2 key

    Record Function : FM/ vocal recording

    Other: Audio anti-shock system

    What is "vocal" ? Sorry ! Didn't understand anything about "vocal" from :


    INOVIX MP3 USB 256 Mb black key

    LCD panel : Backlit LCD screen

    What is this "back-lit" ?


    CREATIVE MuVo TX FM USB key - 256MB

    Functions : Dictaphone, Data support, FM radio and recorder

    LCD panel : Reversible LCD screen for right/left handed operations
    Compatible with ID3 Tag

    What is this ID3 thingy ?


    INOVIX USB key / MP3 iMP-10 - 512MB

    Other information : 9 folders, with 99 files in each

    What are these 9 folders usually named ? And, I guess the 99 names are 99 music files ?


    INOVIX USB 2.0 key Mp3 FM radio iMP-64 512MB

    LCD panel :
    LCD 128 x 32 points Dot-Matrix
    Type LED
    backlit (Blue)
    ID3 Tag version 2 display: Album, Artist, Title

    Display: Audio format, playmode, trach Nr,
    battery status, volume control, equalizer, recording status,
    lock, USB connection, track remaining time

    Other information :
    Decoder : 65 MIPS DSP
    6-mode equalizer
    Recording from FM radio.
    Firmware upgradbale via user
    Compatible with Win Me/XP/2K & Mac OS X
    Built in radio

    "Lock" ? Lock what ? And "Equalizer" ? Equalize what ?


    MSI USB Key MP3 128Mb

    Supported formats : MP3 et WMA

    WHat is this "et" ?


    TYPHOON USB key MP3 Revolution 128 Mb

    Functions :
    Lecteur MP3
    FM Radio
    Storage Support
    Direct Encoding from any audio source

    What is this "lecteur MP3" and what is it meant by "directly ENCODING" ?


    NEONUMERIC USB key MP3 Neo-Ilyn 512MB

    Record Function : FM radio encoder, direct encoder, dictaphone


    ISM TECHNOLOGIE I-Bead Ice USB key 256Mo + Charger

    Functions : MP3 player/USB key/Memory support/ Encodable FM tuner/Dictating machine function


    TWINMOS USB Mobile Music MPM S11 256MB

    Other information : Auto-reply, 5 mode equalizer


    LIVE MUSIC USB MP3 256Mb key

    Included accessories :
    PC softwares
    Silver round the neck strap
    USB extension
    Encoding cable
    Stereo earphones
    AAA alcaline battery
    Manual in french


    IRIVER Player MP3 iFP-180T

    Record Function :
    Radio and dictaphone encoding

    Does this mean the MP3 Player can also record music played in it's internal radio ?



    NEONUMERIC MP3 Player Neo Safa LCD 512 Mb

    Record Function : Direct recording (FM, audio source, microphone)

    Multimedia Functions : FM radio (20 presets) E-book, PC net PC, data storage, memo functions, digital image album, games

    Advanced Functions : variable EQ, 3D stereo sound, slow and fast play, CD-Sync and VOR

    What has "ebook" got to do with any of this ?


    SAMSUNG YP-T6X 512 MB MP3 Player

    Record Function : Dictaphone and MP3 converter

    Multimedia Functions : 7 curve equaliser, adjustable with SRS WOW External hard drive


    OREGON MP3 Player MP 100 black

    Removable Memory : No

    InterFace : USB 2.0 for rapid file transfer (USB Flash Drive)

    I thought that all I have to do to download music files from my pc to my MP3 Player or upload music from my MP3 Player to my PC is to hook-up them both with a USB cable so what does a remove-able medi "flash card" got to do with any of this ?


    MEMUP KoolSteel 256 MB FM MP3 player

    Multimedia Functions :
    Direct encryption from external sources
    Use as infrared remote control
    Spectrum anlysis

    Playlist navigation
    ID3 tag display

    Other :
    Retractable USB connecter
    DRM 100 compatible

    Lithium-Ion Polymer battery: 30 hour battery life


    INOVIX MP3 IMP-33B 1024Mb player

    Other :
    Firmware upgradable via the user, 6-mode equalizer, playmodes (Normal, Repeat one, Repeat all, Shuffle, Repeat S),
    decoder : 75 MIPS DSP STMP3501
    Recording : Vocal ADPCM recording format, encoding in MP3 format (FM recording), recording via integrated

    recording via integrated ? Don't understand this atall.
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    1) Data support means you can copy other types of files to it besides mp3's, i.e. word documents, text files, etc... The 5 band equalizer means there are adjustments that can be made to get the sound the way you like (heavier high or low for example) the presets are settings in there recommended for those types of music- rock will have more bass by defualt than classical or jazz, where as classical or jazz would have higher treble.

    2)Yes, that's what it means. Probaly record for as long as you have space for. depends what it records as. If it's in mp3 figure roughle 1MB a minute.

    3)Vocal recording would basically be the same as dictaphone in the previous one. Audio anti shock means it shouldn't skip as much when the unit is bumped around. Probably by way of a x second buffer.

    4)Backlit will be easier to read, it just means that the light comes from behind the lcd

    5)Data support means the same as in #1, ID3 Tag means, if you've entered ID TAG info for the songs, it will show up on the display as what you've named it. instead of track03 or something similar.

    6)Can't get to the link, but I assume it means that's the depth it will read. meaning you could create as many as 9 folders on it with max of 99 files in each

    7)dot matrix lcd means it's a better resolution than standard LCD. ID3 TAG V2, is the same as before. Most anything that reads ID3 tags now supports ID3 tag v1 and v2. track Nr is track number, meaning it displays the track number. Lock, will probably refers to whether the key is in a read-only mode, or it means it's locked "on" to a fm signal. not sure which on that one, sorry. Equalizer, same as before with one more band = slightly better sound shaping

    8) "et" = and

    9)Lecteur (french for "reads" or "reader"), direct encoding means that whatever you record with the device automatically is encoded to an MP3 file, vs having to record and then convert to mp3.

    9.5) damn there are a lot of these!!!

    10) same as above, means you can record from FM signal or something else playing into the unit to an MP3.

    11)same, can record the fm signal to an mp3 file

    12)typo for auto-replay, meaning that it will replay the list when it's hit the end of it instead of just stopping.

    12.5) aw hell, why stop now. I might as well finish the list eh?

    13)Not sure, ability to plug something else into the key to record? like a tape deck? sorry

    14)same as previously mentioned.

    15)same as above, some other source of audio plugged into it? not sure on the e-book part, not sure on the rest either

    15.5) yes, I'm getting lazy! there are too many of these!!!


    17)flash drive is essentially what the unit is. usb2 is just a faster transfer rate than usb1.1. - will work with older usb1 cards also.

    18)directe encryption meaning same as encoding into mp3. remote control? no clue. Spectrum analasys means you see blocks move on the screen depending on sound levels. retractable meaning the part that actually sticks into the computer to transfer files either swing back on itself of pushes into the unit to protect it from damage. no idea what drm 100 compatable is

    18.5) thanks god, last one!

    19)eh, pretty much the same as the others that record audio source, external, etc...

    YOU SHORTENED THIS! From what? biblical lengths?

    EDIT- this may be the most ironic use of "hit the quick reply" button I have ever seen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noevo
    YOU SHORTENED THIS! From what? biblical lengths?

    EDIT- this may be the most ironic use of "hit the quick reply" button I have ever seen!

    Good job!, I like X.5 replies

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    Quote Originally Posted by AAF Striker

    Good job!, I like X.5 replies
    at least I know someone read it and enjoyed it, thanks! It wasn't til I finished it that I looked and saw it was posted 5/1! thought it was posted this morning and I would have some good quick answers for the bloke

    x.5 answers/questions are always the best ones

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