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Thread: I Don't know how to open a specific port

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    I Don't know how to open a specific port

    I want to open a port and I can't. I don't know too much about this subject, maybe you can help me.
    I'm using a Marconi Router WipLL SDA, 256 kbs download. Port 4661 is closed, and I want to open it.
    I've got windows firewall activated, but I have allowed this port on it.
    Port 4662 is opened, and I haven't got problems with it.
    I've got a Celeron 2400.
    Excuse my english.
    I'd be very greatfull if you can help me.

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    You likely need to setup port forwarding in the router. You need to forward that port to the ip address of the PC that needs the port opened. You do that in your router setup. The manual should explain how. If you don't have a manual for it you can likely download one from the makers site.

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