Hey all, long time no see. I got into Caltech and I'm working on their Darpa Grand Challenge project.

I have an 8 computer KVM network and my controllling setup uses a 14" Dell LCD Touchscreen and a keyboard. The KVM switches Monitor (15 Pin D-Sub VGA), Keyboard (PS/2), and Mouse (PS/2).

I need a USB to PS/2 adapter so that I can use the touchscreen even though it's USB.

The common green USB to PS/2 interconnects supplied with optical mice and keyboards are not true USB to PS/2 adapters, but rather they rely on hardware built into the mice and keyboards to do the conversion for them.

I am looking for a USB to PS/2 adapter that has the conversion hardware built into it.

I've done lots of searching on Google but all I can find for USB to PS/2 conversion are Y adapters for male USB to 2x female PS/2.

I need this
USB (Female) ---> Signal converting hardware ---> PS/2 (Male)

Thanks in advance,
el bob