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Thread: VX2 ! strikes again....

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    VX2 ! strikes again....

    err, well it did my system.

    My loving wife ( of 22 yrs now ), in her quest for truth and wealth , does surveys , and I mean alot of them.
    So in the past it's been a good thing. we have sampled some great FREE things... and she's made quite a bit of cash.
    But somewhere in the past couple of days , we got hit. CI was the first sign of trouble. ( Consumer Inputs ) apparently was bundleware , with VX2 in it. She told me it was a link to a new survey site,( we just followed the same link out... and nothing , there. She hadnt hit an installer, just looked at the page. Yet the CI software was on our pc ( eliminated last night ) but with our last fiasco over Nielson ( that was a rough one to eliminate) , she promised no more installs.
    And she said she tried to cancel this , but it got to us anyway. she told me that she filled out the registration form , and it popped up an installer window, which she promptly DECLINED.
    The lil blighter has changed it's freakin name over a dozen times. I get rid of part of it, and yet another ( dif name ) takes it's place.
    Now after Adaware, and S&D1.3 it simply wont go away.
    I added in the VX2 killer/remover to Adaware , but no joy.
    I have my homepage set to BLANK... and it gives me a pop-up ad !
    I thought about running Hijackthis... but Im not hijacked , just frustrated with this. I have blocked a half-dozen different exe's in my Sygate... but want to keep from a format to eliminate this thing.
    any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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